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Youth Event

Youth Event
Date: 18.04. - 20.04.2004
Venue: Brdo
Policy area: Education, Youth and Culture
Type of event: Conferences and Expert Meetings

The youth event entitled ‘Promoting the Participation of Young people with fewer opportunities in the society Socially Disadvantaged Youth’ is a European gathering of young people, which is expected to host 150 young participants from all EU Member States and EFTA countries, three EU candidate countries and the Western Balkans countries. The event offers an opportunity to – together with young people and youth organisations – seek ways to promote the active participation of all young people in discussions and decision-making processes, with particular emphasis on the importance of further promoting the participation of Young people with fewer opportunities in the society and the importance of promoting intercultural dialogue. In five working groups, the young participants will hold discussions and frame proposals on: overcoming obstacles to the increased mobility of Young people with fewer opportunities, improving their incorporation into the labour market, the role of informal education and competence building for Young people with fewer opportunities, improving their social integration, and developing the role of young people in intercultural dialogue. The conclusions of these discussions will be presented to the representatives of the European institutions as well as to the Directors-General responsible for the implementation of youth policy, whose meeting is being held in tandem with the youth event.


Press Releases:

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Youth Event.

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