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Joint Statement

Representatives of the European Community and its Member States met with representatives of the United States 15-16 May in Brdo, Slovenia, for the initial round of negotiations toward a second stage Air Transport Agreement, in accordance with Article 21 of the Agreement.

Slovenian Minister for Transport, Mr Radovan Zerjav, representing the Presidency of the European Union, Mr Zoltan Kazatsay, Deputy Director General of the Directorate of Energy and Transport of the European Commission, and Mr C. Boyden Gray, Special Envoy for European Union Affairs of the United States, formally opened the proceedings.

The delegations of both sides expressed profound gratitude and appreciation to the Slovenian Presidency for providing a perfect venue for beginning the negotiations in the beautiful and historic setting of the Brdo Congress Centre. They paid tribute to the professional, courteous and warm support the Slovenian Presidency and its staff provided prior to and during the negotiations. Both sides recognised the part these arrangements played in establishing the friendly and constructive atmosphere in which the talks took place.

Both delegations welcomed the participation of representatives of Iceland and Norway as observers on the EU delegation.

To begin building on the comprehensive first stage Air Transport Agreement, which has been applied provisionally since 30 March 2008, each delegation outlined its positions for the second stage agreement. Both sides took this initial opportunity to discuss the proposals in further detail, and undertook to give them further in-depth consideration. To take forward work in the respective areas of interest identified, both sides will develop proposals for the next round of negotiations to be held in Washington in September 2008.

Signed in Brdo on 16 May 2008


For the EU Delegation: Daniel Calleja

For the US Delegation: John Byerly


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Date: 17.05.2008