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  • ... that industrial production in the period from 2000 to 2006 increased the most in Lithuania (76.9%) and Estonia (73.8%)?
  • ... that the EU is one of the world's most important trading entities? While the EU's population accounts for just over 7% of the world's total, its share of global imports and exports is over 20%. As for the most important trading partners of the EU, the US imports approximately 23%, Switzerland 8%, and Russia and China around 5% of all EU exports. As regards EU imports, the majority of them come from the United States and China (each approximately 14%), the Russian Federation (9%) and Japan (7%).
  • ... that Germany accounts for 27% of all EU exports? The fact is not at all surprising, if we take into account that Germany leads the world in exports, as 10.1% of world exports come from Germany.
  • ... that almost 90% of all Luxembourg's exports go to other member states? Luxembourg is followed by Slovakia (85%) and the Czech Republic (84%), whereas the average for the inter-EU trade of member states is 67%. The countries with the lowest share of exports going to the EU are Malta (51%), Greece (53%), Finland (56%), the United Kingdom (57%), and Sweden (58%). The country with the highest share of imports from the EU is the Czech Republic (81%), followed by Slovenia, Austria and Slovakia, with approximately 79%. The member state that imports least from other EU members is the Netherlands (50%), followed by Greece and the UK, with around 56% of all their imports.
  • ... that about 12% of world cereal production and almost one quarter of world milk production comes from the EU?
  • ... that by 2010 Slovakia will have become the largest producer of automobiles per capita (approximately 170 cars per thousand inhabitants; followed by Belgium the second place, with 90 cars per thousand citizens). The total gross export of automobiles after 2010 may reach as much as 10% of GDP. By comparison, in developed countries, car production contributes to approximately 2 to 3% of GDP.


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Date: 28.12.2007