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  • ... that in Sweden, 80% of people regularly use the Internet, while only 45% of EU citizens use it on a weekly basis? The share is also high in Denmark (78%), the Netherlands (76%) and Finland (71%), whilst it is the lowest in Romania (18%), Bulgaria (22%) and Greece (23%). In Slovenia, half the population regularly uses the Internet.
  • ... that in 1995, 5 out of 100 inhabitants disposed of a mobile telephone subscription, whereas in 2004, this value was 90, with six Member States registering ratios of over 100 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants (Luxembourg, Sweden, Italy, the Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom)? Slovenia is not far behind, with 93 mobiles per 100 inhabitants.
  • ... that in Poland in 2004 the share of female professors in higher education was only 1.3%, whereas in Latvia it was almost 54.4%?
  • ... that Slovenia has the lowest number of so called school-leavers among all Member States? EUROSTAT defines school leavers as the population aged 18 to 24, with at most lower secondary education and not in further education or training.
  • ... that Luxembourg has the highest number of foreign languages learned per pupil in secondary education (2.5), followed by Finland and Malta, with 2.2 foreign languages learned? Slovene pupils are on average learning 1.3 foreign languages, which puts Slovenia below the EU average.
  • ... that Italy and Spain account for nearly 40% of total nights spent in hotels? Amongst the Member States, the highest total numbers of nights spent in hotels in summer 2006 were recorded in Italy (131 million), Spain (130 million), Germany (86 million), France (83 million) and the United Kingdom (73 million). Total nights spent in hotels in summer 2006 grew in most Member States. The highest increases were recorded in Latvia (+18%), Lithuania (+15%), the Netherlands (+9%) and Spain (+8%), and the largest decreases in Cyprus (-9%) and the United Kingdom (-8%).


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Date: 31.12.2007