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The EU-Russian Federation Summit

The EU-Russian Federation Summit
Date: 26.06. - 27.06.2008
Venue: Hanti-Mansijsk, Russian Federation
Policy area: General Affairs and External Relations
Type of event: Third Country Meetings

During its EU Council Presidency, Slovenia has taken on the demanding and responsible task of co-chairing the 21st EU-Russia Summit to be held in the Siberian city of Hanti-Mansiisk, Russia, on 26 and 27 June 2008.

The summit is the largest EU event with the Russian Federation during Slovenia’s Council Presidency. In this period, the European Union has made preparations for the start of negotiations on a new basic agreement with Russia to replace the 1997 Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. The aim of the summit is to intensify the strategic partnership with Russia based on mutual respect, shared interests and economic, political, cultural and historical bonds. The European Union is Russia’s leading foreign investor and its most important trade partner. Strategic bonds in the energy field are extremely close as well.

Alongside an exchange of views on the further development of relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation, the main themes of the Summit will be the challenges of the global economy, the security of food supplies, energy security, and action against climate change. In the area of security, the EU and Russian negotiators will focus on resolving frozen conflicts in the shared neighbourhood, the Middle East peace process, the Iranian nuclear programme and the situation in Afghanistan.


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Date: 28.06.2008