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EU Council on Somalia and Zimbabwe

The General Affairs and External Relations Council, headed by Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel, today also addressed the situation in Somalia and Zimbabwe. The Council expressed concern about the security situation in Somalia, particularly with regard to the humanitarian situation and human rights. According to the EU, solutions should be sought through the political process and all Somali players should be persuaded to give up violence for the benefit of the population. Convinced that the Transitional Federal Charter is the only legitimate framework in the process of producing a lasting constitution for Somalia, the Council welcomed the fact that the Transitional Federal Government has initiated the process of reconciliation both at the local level and with the political opposition abroad. The Council upheld the endeavours by the UN in Somalia and the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM), as well as condemning the acts of piracy off Somalia's coast.

Regarding Zimbabwe, the Council noted the communication of the election commission on the second round of elections to be held on 27 June, three months after the first round. The EU condemns the campaign of violence and intimidation that was strengthened after the first round of elections and calls for the end of any human rights violations; it also urges the government of Zimbabwe to ensure a free and fair presidential election. All candidates must be guaranteed safe and free participation in the election process. The second round of elections will provide an opportunity for the people of Zimbabwe to express their will in a free and democratic manner, and the EU has pointed out that the election must be conducted in compliance with international standards. After the election, the results must be published at each polling station. The EU also supports the activities of the African Union and regional organisations.


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Date: 26.05.2008