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Forestry Policy

Slovenia's tradition of sustainable, environmentally friendly and multi-purpose forest management will undoubtedly contribute to the harmonisation of interests of the Member States of the EU with regard to the major challenges connected with forests at global level. They are encompassed in the four global objectives adopted at the seventh session of the United Nations Forum on Forests as part of a non-legally binding instrument on all types of forests:

  • reverse the loss of forest cover worldwide through sustainable and environmental benefits, including protection, restoration, afforestation and reforestation, and increase efforts to prevent forest degradation;
  • enhance forest-based economic, social and environmental benefits, including by improving the livelihoods of forest dependent people;
  • increase significantly the area of protected forests worldwide and other areas of sustainably managed forests, as well as the proportion of forest products from sustainably managed forests;
  • reverse the decline in official development assistance for sustainable forest management and mobilize significantly increased, new and additional financial resources from all sources for the implementation of sustainable forest management.


Forestry policy during the Slovenian presidency

In the field of forestry the Slovenian Presidency will strive to promote Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), to improve competitiveness of forestry products, and to preserve forest biodiversity. Consequently, the Slovenian Presidency will encourage full implementation of the EU Forest Action Plan and the EU Action Plan for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT). In the process of coordinating the Member States’ positions for the next session of the United Nations Forum on Forests the main focus will be on the implementation of the Non-Legally Binding Instrument (NLBI) on all types of forests, which is especially important in the light of climate change, financial support for SFM and preservation of biodiversity.

The Slovenian Presidency will also pay attention to the latest developments concerning the proposed measures against illegal logging and associated trade. Special attention will be also given to harmonization among Member States in Green Public Procurement, where the use of SFM wood should be especially encouraged.


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Date: 06.01.2008