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The Ministry of Public Administration is a member of EUPAN – the informal EU public administration network. It brings together public administration officials of the European Commission and the EU Member States and operates four working groups: the Human Resources Management Group (HRWG), Innovative Public Service Group (IPSG), e-Government Working Group (e-GOV WG) and Better Regulation (BR) working group. Within the EU Council, the Ministry of Public Administration is included in the following working parties:

The Ministry is also active in the group of Directors of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration (DISPA) for training public servants and in the National Contact Points (NCP) encouraging the mobility of public servants between Member State administrations.

During the Presidency, the Ministry of Public Administration will give top priority to the fields of “better regulation” and “e-government”. The first will be dealt with under the “Lisbon strategy” more, the second under transport, telecommunications and energy policies more.

During the Presidency, a number of informal Ministry of Public Administration events will be held, including meetings of EUPAN working groups, the e-Government conference external link and the social dialogue meeting between EU public administration Directors-General and TUNED.



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Date: 28.01.2008