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Consumer protection

Consumer protection – a cross-cutting task

Consumers form an integral part of the internal market, which can only function well through good consumer policy. The EU is liable to ensure an equal level of consumer protection in all Member States. Consumer protection is a horizontal task and therefore must be included in all consumer interest and protection policies.


EU consumer protection – key areas of interest

Key areas of interest in EU consumer protection policy include improvement of the implementation of legislation related to cross-border traffic of goods and services, examination of Community consumer protection legislation, enhancement of consumer interest in services and the digital environment, and provision of information and education to consumers through enhancement of their qualifications when entering into relationships with more powerful actors, i.e. companies in the market. In the Member States, the EU is financing European Consumers Centres, providing assistance to consumers in their cross-border complaints to and/or disputes with companies.


Consumer policy during Slovenia's EU Presidency – main outlines

During the EU Presidency, Slovenia will concentrate its efforts on activities that will contribute to better operation of the internal market, not only for companies but also for citizens acting as consumers. With measures aiming to enhance the confidence of consumers in cross-border purchasing of goods and services, we can influence the growth of demand in the internal market, and the selection of measures can promote innovation and efficiency.

The EU Consumer Strategy and the related 2007–2013 Action Plan will help Slovenia overcome barriers more easily.

Slovenia will pay special attention to:

  • consumer protection in the liberalisation of electricity markets (international conference);

  • consumer protection in the area of finding collective solutions to consumer disputes with providers (introduction of class action suits at the EU level);

  • consumer credit (modified proposal for a Directive on credit agreements for consumers).


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Date: 11.01.2008