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Proteus anguinus, which Slovenes call the human fishSince Slovenia has the biggest share of Natura 2000 areas among EU members and is a country with a rich biodiversity, one of its priorities will be to achieve the goal of halting the loss of biodiversity. It will try to stimulate and inspire positive actions in this field by presenting examples of good practice to the heads of environment protection bodies. The latter are scheduled to meet during Slovenia’s Presidency.

Slovenian Presidency, in collaboration with other EU member states and the European Commission, will prepare drafts and coordinate the finalisation of the EU's position on the issues to be discussed at the ninth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. The conference is an important milestone for Europe and the world, as it will show what else the Parties are willing to do to slow down the loss of biodiversity on a global scale. Since the event will be held in Europe, it also presents an opportunity to promote the European approach to the preservation of nature (i.e. ecological networks such as Natura 2000; sustainable forest management; integrating biodiversity, such as forests with climate change and bio-fuels). Slovenia assigns great importance to the preservation and sustainable use of bio-diversity, and is therefore surely among the leading EU member states with regard to the aforementioned areas.


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Date: 06.01.2008