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moreConsolidation – Conditionality – Communication

The EU is continuing the enlargement process with due regard for the Commission's "three Cs":

  • Consolidation (of the EU's own commitments)
  • Conditionality (i.e. the requirement that accession candidates meet their obligations)
  • Communication (with citizens in order to win support for enlargement).

As the number of members grows, the EU's capacity to integrate new members takes on greater significance: "The Union needs to ensure that its institutions continue to act effectively, that its policies meet their goals, and that its budget is commensurate with its objectives and with its financial resources." (European Commission Strategy Paper of 8 November 2006 – special report on the EU's capacity to integrate new members). Those countries bordering the EU which have no prospect of accession will, where possible, be drawn closer to European structures through the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).

We insist on strict adherence to the various criteria proposed by the Commission, with the introduction of benchmarks for the negotiations and the road-map, the step-by-step model for drawing the countries of the Western Balkans closer to Europe under the Thessaloniki agenda.

We reject time schedules and automatic progress from one stage to the next.

Accession negotiations with Turkey and Croatia more


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Date: 03.01.2008