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TriglavArea: 20,273 km2

Length of state border: 1,370km (Croatia 670km, Austria 318km, Italy 280 km and Hungary 102km)

Length of coastline: 46.6km

Landscape: In Slovenia four great European landforms meet: the Alps in the North of the country, the Dinarides in the South, Mediterranean landforms in the South-West, and the Pannonian Basin in the East. 63.3% of Slovenia is forested; 30.5% is under cultivation, and 2.8% of Slovenia is urban.

Highest peak: Triglav: 2,864m

Average height above sea level: 556.8m

Longest river: Sava, 221km

The largest karst cave system: Postojnska jama, length 20.579m

Lakes: The largest is the intermittent Cerkniško jezero (24km2); the deepest lake is Bohinjsko jezero (45m).

Highest waterfall: Čedca (130m)

Climate: continental in central Slovenia, Alpine in the North-West, and sub-Mediterranean in the coastal region

Mean temperature: January: -2ºC; July: 21ºC


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Date: 28.12.2007