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The President of the Republic of Slovenia

Dr Danilo Türk, President of the Republic of SloveniaThe President of the Republic represents the Republic of Slovenia and is the commander-in-chief of its armed forces. The President calls the legislative elections, promulgates laws, proposes a candidate for Prime Minister to the National Assembly following talks with the leaders of deputy groups, proposes candidates for judges of the Constitutional Court and members of the Court of Audit, appoints and recalls ambassadors, accepts the credentials of foreign diplomats, grants clemencies, etc. The President has no influence over the composition of the government, which is the task of the Prime Minister and the National Assembly. The President of the Republic may dissolve the National Assembly, if, after two successive proposals of a candidate (the second proposal may come from the National Assembly), it fails to appoint a Prime Minister. Should the National Assembly be unable to convene due to a state of emergency or war, the President may, on the proposal of the government, issue decrees, which have the force of law.

The President of the Republic is elected for a five-year term in direct, general elections by secret ballot. The candidate receiving a majority of the valid votes cast is elected President of the Republic. If no candidate receives an outright, the top leading candidates compete in a runoff election. A President may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Since the office of Vice-President does not exist in the Slovenian political system, in the event of the prolonged absence of the President, the President of the National Assembly temporarily performs the duties of the President.

Offical website of the President of the Republic of Slovenia - dr. Danilo Türk external link


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Date: 18.01.2008