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I feel Slovenia

Vineyards of the Stajerska region Traditional House Slovene Hay-rack 'Kurent' Lent in Maribor Bohinj Lipizzaners Cerkniško jezero Lake Krvavec ski slopes. Sneznik castle Čatež Thermal Spa



It only measures 20,273 square kilometres and is barely 300 kilometres across. But it is large enough to have everything: the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain, and the mysterious Karst. The only one of its kind in the European Union.







how your pupils dilate in the underworld of the mysterious Karst,more

how your ears are filled with the whistling of marmots in the sunny Alps,more

how your nose rejoices in the scent of the green Mediterranean,more

how you cannot refrain from smiling in the gentle embrace of Pohorje,more

how your fingers stroke the dragons in a lively European capital.more


Imagine how all your senses come alive

when you let your body be cosseted by thermal water and massages in spas, where everything is designed to enhance your beauty and well-being.more


Imagine how your spirit is enriched

when it encounters the traditions of the heart of Europe, when it experiences the surprise of an international festival or a unique folklore event.


Imagine the waves of your passion stir

when in every nook and cranny between the Alps and the Mediterranean, between the Pannonian plain and the Karst, you experience a variety of excellent cuisine and exhilarating wines from a country that has been famous for its wines since Roman times.more


Imagine the surge of adrenaline in your body

when you rush down the white slopes that have known the most triumphant alpine skis, when you plunge down the emerald current in deep canyons, when you glide on the wings of the wind above the forests, when you are seduced by lucky nights in the casinos.


Why imagine? Let yourself be surprised.

Slovenia is the only EU Member State that can offer you the extraordinary sensations of the sunny Alps, the green Mediterranean and the echoes of the Pannonian plain – in one single day, if need be. At the intersection of three distinctive European geographies, time changes. Each day may be effortlessly filled with diverse sensations that elsewhere would require from you more energy, more time, more roads to travel.more


Its diversity enriches you.

Its accessibility and safety take you by surprise.

Its 'otherness' captures your senses, thoughts, passions, and fills you with energy.


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I feel Slovenia



Banks of Ljubljanica River Logarska dolina valley Traditional costume Piran Portorož Postojna Cave Prešeren Monument in  Ljubljana Rafting on the Soča river Mount Triglav

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Date: 07.01.2008