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List of partners in the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council

ACH, d.d.


ACH, d. d., external link is a modern European holding company from Slovenia dealing with investment management.
ACH will provide means of transport and hotel services for Presidency participants.

Adria Airways


Adria Airways external link is the airline of Slovenia, with more than forty-five years of experience in charter and regularly scheduled flights.
Adria Airways will provide air tickets for participants in certain Presidency events.

Aerodrom Ljubljana


Aerodrom Ljubljana external link assures dependable, punctual and the high-level airport and other commercial services to airport users.
Aerodrom Ljubljana will promote the visual image of the Slovenian EU Presidency at the airport.

Droga Kolinska, d.d.


Droga Kolinska, d. d., external link is a global enterprise producing and marketing food products of high quality and established brands to consumers all over the world.  It is distinguished for its market orientation and tradition in the food industry.
Droga Kolinska will provide Slovenian brands such as Barcaffe coffee, Droga tea and Cockta at Brdo.



Fructal external link produces and markets quality beverages from natural fruits.  The competitive advantage of the enterprise is the processing of natural fruits in such a manner that the richness of natural ingredients, without artificial additives, is preserved.
Fructal will provide an exclusive supply of natural juices for the most important locations during the Presidency.



Gorenje external link creates original, technically sophisticated, advanced design and user- and environment-friendly products for the home environment.
Gorenje will supply products to enhance the stay of participants at Brdo during the Presidency.



The basic activity of Hoja external link is the production of upholstered furniture (sofas, couches, armchairs, etc.). The company produces high-quality upholstered furniture exclusively to customer order.
Hoja will offer upholstered furniture for the comfort of participants in Slovenian EU Presidency events.



Hard work and technical proficiency resulted in Istenič external link  becoming one of the leading producers of traditional sparkling wines in Slovenia.  The basic philosophy of the enterprise is the long-term production of products that meet the requirements of discriminating buyers, adaptability, professional competence and innovation.
Istenič will supply sparkling wines from its rich wine cellar during the Presidency.



The mission of Kompas external link is to package and sell holidays and travel with the highest standards of quality in such a manner as to meet passengers’ and business partners’ expectations, to ensure a high level of company performance, and to maintain good working standards and motivation for employees.
Kompas will promote the visual image of the Slovenian EU Presidency on buses.




Lenovo external link is an innovative, international technology company.
For the purposes of Presidency, Lenovo and IBM will be supplying computers from their programme.

Microsoft d.o.o.


Microsoft, d. o. o., external link is the Slovenian representative of the Microsoft Corporation, one of leading companies in the area of information technology.
Microsoft will offer software and other services in the area of information technology.



Mobitel external link company is a Slovenian mobile telecommunications service operator, which – thanks to its innovative approach, own development and initiative – promotes the use of mobile telecommunications in the territory of Slovenia with advanced technological and service solutions. Their activities are aimed at providing the users of mobile telecommunications with the most advanced technology and services at competitive prices, introducing global innovations, and offering the best that is currently available on the market.
Within the framework of the partnership, Mobitel will provide mobile telecommunication services during the Presidency.



Mura external link is the oldest and most distinguished producer of clothing in Slovenia and one of the biggest in Europe, as well as a fashion house producing its proprietary brand, Mura.
The company will coordinate the clothing and appearance of staff during the Presidency.

Pekarna Pečjak


With its new production facility in Trzin, Pekarna Pečjak external link has become the leading Slovenian producer of frozen baked goods. All the company's production is in accordance with the provisions of the HACCP food standards, guaranteeing quality products to consumers.
Pekarna Pečjak will supply home-made specialties from its range of products.



Petrol external link is a leading Slovenian energy company and one of the major trading companies.  It provides a reliable and high-quality supply of oil derivatives, gas and other energy products to its customers, as well as food and other commercial goods via its petrol station network, assuring drivers of all they need along their way.
Petrol will supply fuel for vehicles in connection with the Slovenian EU Presidency.

Radeče papir


The tradition of paper and carton production at Radeče papir external link goes back to 1736. Radeče papermakers produce top-quality paper for everyday use, technical papers, art papers and security papers with various kinds of protection and watermarks.
Radeče Papir will supply environment-friendly paper materials for the Slovenian EU Presidency.



Radenska external link is a world renowned company with its TRI SRCA (three hearts) trademark, bringing ecologically pure natural resources (water and environment) into market-attractive and quality products and services.
Radenska will be the exclusive supplier of mineral water for the most important locations during the Presidency.

Steklarna Rogaška


Steklarna Rogaška external link represents tradition and the highest quality of glass production.
During the Presidency, it will manufacture high-quality glass products.

Telekom Slovenije


Telekom Slovenije external link was one of the first to offer the latest user experience in high-tech communication. Their solutions are distinguished by quality, reliability and security.
Telekom will provide telecommunications infrastructure for the Slovenian EU Presidency.



The TOM Group external link consists of nine companies, eight in Slovenia and one from abroad, which manufacture upholstered furniture.
With its new and creative trends, TOM will provide upholstered furniture during the Slovenian EU Presidency.



VPK external link has been in operation since 1983. As one of the oldest production houses in Slovenia, it developed to meet the needs of the Slovenian market. Over the years the company has become one of the biggest independent video and television production houses in the region.
VPK will take part in producing promotional material for the Slovenian EU Presidency.



The Žito Group Žito is one of the greatest Slovenian food processing companiesUnder their auspices, the top-quality brands of Gorenjka, Šumi, Herba and Grajske Pekarne became ambassadors of Žito at home and abroad. Žito is proud of the fact that one out of every three Slovenians eats bread made in their bakeries. Žito produces and markets healthy, high-quality and tasty food in the best Slovenian culinary tradition while using state-of-the-art technology.
Žito will supply participants of the Slovenian Presidency with its delicious chocolate products.


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Date: 11.01.2008