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Agriculture and Fisheries Council

Agriculture and Fisheries Council
Date: 14.04.2008
Venue: Luxembourg
Policy area: Agriculture and Fisheries
Type of event: Council of Ministers

The meeting of the Council of the European Union on Agriculture and Fisheries chaired by the Slovenian Minister Iztok Jarc will be dedicated to fisheries.

For the first time at the political level the ministers will discuss the proposal for a Regulation on combating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU), which is one of the greatest world threats to the sustainability of fish stocks. The proposal for a Regulation also provides for establishing a system for the certification of fish products, drawing up a black list of IUU vessels and non-participating states – both Member States and non-EU countries.

The discussion will focus on the proposed certification system, on the measures to penalise IUU fishing, and whether the Regulation should apply equally to Member State vessels or only to non-EU vessels. This being one of the Slovenian Presidency priorities in the field of fisheries, Slovenia aims to reach political agreement on the proposed Regulation at the Council meeting in June.

The ministers will also discuss the recovery plan for North Sea cod stocks, which stipulates a reduction in fishing. The aim of the proposal is to lay down rules for establishing a recovery plan for North Sea cod stocks, given that, in the light of a scientific opinion from the ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea), cod stocks are highly depleted and need to be brought back within safe biological limits.

The ministers are also expected to adopt a proposal for a Council Regulation adapting quotas for cod fishing in the Baltic Sea. According to official data, in 2007, Polish fishing vessels exceeded the national cod quota by 8 000 tons, which is why the European Commission proposed that Polish cod fishing quotas be adjusted. Poland will have to make repayments for exceeding the quota over a period of four years and present an action plan for improving fisheries surveillance mechanisms.

Under agenda item 'miscellaneous' the Commission will present to the Ministers the progress report on simplifying and improving the common fisheries policy, the amendment to the Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the European Commission and the Islamic Republic of Mauretania, and will provide information on bluefin tuna.



Press Releases:

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Agenda of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council  132 KB.

Background Information:

Background information for the Agriculture and Fisheries Council  148 KB.

Council Conclusions:

Agriculture and Fisheries Council: Conclusions, press release  249 KB.

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Agriculture and Fisheries Council.

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