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EUPAN Human Resource Working Group (HRWG) – 1st Meeting

EUPAN Human Resource Working Group (HRWG) – 1st Meeting
Date: 28.01. - 29.01.2008
Venue: Brdo
Type of event: Conferences and Expert Meetings
More: The Human Resources Working Group (HRWG) will convene twice, for two day in Slovenia (Brdo) and for one day in Brussels. The Working Group consists of human resources management experts. With 1-2 representatives from each Member State and representatives from the European Commission, there are a total of 60 participants. The working group will discuss ways the human resources sector can contribute to the quality of public services, such as through management skills to ensure effective change management in public administration, and ways to encourage the flow of human resources and knowledge between Member State administrations. At the first meeting, to be held on 28 and 29 January, the group will be provided with information on special subject areas, members will exchange experience and agree on working methods (drafting studies, completing questionnaires, exchanging best practices, workshops looking at certain topics in depth). The purpose of the second meeting will be to present the results of any studies, analyses or surveys and to share examples of best practices. Conclusions and proposals for further activities will be framed. In tandem with this, there will be ongoing social dialogue with the European Trade Unions’ National and European Administration Delegation (TUNED) on “building trust in public administration” (responsibility, transparency). The basis for the discussion will be the studies, which will also be examined by the HRWG and which will be specially prepared for the discussions with TUNED.

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Date: 16.01.2008