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Workshop "How Can Systems Biology Advance Cancer Research?"

Workshop "How Can Systems Biology Advance Cancer Research?"
Date: 19.05. - 20.05.2008
Venue: Brussels
Policy area: Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs
Type of event: Others
More: The aim of the bilateral EU – USA Workshop "How can systems biology advance cancer research?" is to present the latest scientific results from the use of systems biology in understanding the emergence and development of various forms of cancer, as well as in planning new forms of effective therapies. On the basis of research programmes and projects conducted both in Europe and the USA, participants will discuss the common global research priorities of the contribution of systems biology in the fight against cancer, as well as the new research infrastructures needed for this (especially in the area of bio information technology), coordinating standards for collecting and processing data and possible further joint research projects.

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Date: 20.02.2008