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EBNA – European Board of National Archivists and DLM-Forum

EBNA – European Board of National Archivists and DLM-Forum
Date: 08.04. - 11.04.2008
Venue: Ljubljana
Policy area: Education, Youth and Culture
Type of event: Conferences and Expert Meetings

The meeting of the EBNA will be attended by directors of national archives of the EU Member States and Candidate Countires and will be based on the Recommendation of the Council on priority actions in the field of archives in the EU (OJ 312/55, 2005). Five priority areas will be implemented in order to improve the management of archival materials and the development of archival services in the EU.

The DLM Forum is a meeting of members of this multidisciplinary organisation dealing with electronic archives and the life-cycle of documents in the public and private IT sectors. The main topic will be the update to recommended specification MoREQ 2 (electronic records management and storage).


Press Releases:

National Archives of Slovenia host DLM Forum.

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Date: 10.04.2008