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EU-US Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial Troika Meeting

EU-US Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial Troika Meeting
Date: 12.03. - 13.03.2008
Venue: Brdo
Policy area: Justice and Home Affairs
Type of event: Third Country Meetings

Ministerial meetings between the European Union and the United States take place twice a year, usually before the EU-USA summit. The first meeting is held in the country holding the EU presidency and the second in the USA. The main topics of these meetings are visas, data protection, cooperation in the fight against terrorism and organised crime, and judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters. The meeting will start with dinner on 12 March and will continue on 13 March with a plenary session, followed by a press conference. The aim of this meeting is further strengthening of relations and cooperation between the EU and US in the area of freedom, security and justice. At the meeting participants will discuss the visa regime between the EU and USA, migrations and security of borders, protection and exchange of personal data, agreements between the EU and US on mutual legal assistance and extradition, cooperation between law enforcement agencies in the Western Balkans, SECI centre, organised crime threat assessment for South-Eastern Europe (SEE OCTA), preventive measures against terrorist recruitment and radicalisation as well as risk reduction concerning the use of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons. The incoming French Presidency will present its priorities for the area of freedom, security and justice.


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Date: 28.03.2008