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EU Presidency Statement on security and humanitarian situation in Gaza and Southern Israel

The Presidency of the European Union is deeply concerned by the latest escalation of violence in Southern Israel and the Gaza Strip. It deeply deplores the civilian casualties and would like to express its sympathies to the population affected by the violence.

The Presidency strongly condemns the rocket attacks from Gaza on Southern Israel and calls for their immediate end. While recognising Israel’s right to self-defense and to protect its citizens, it urges Israel to show restraint and refrain from all activities contrary to international law. The deterioration of the security situation will only aggravate the already grave conditions in the region.

Israel and the Palestinian Authority must do their utmost to meet the commitments they made at the Annapolis Conference. An immediate cessation of violence is one of the key elements in achieving these commitments and advancing on the path to a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as set out in Annapolis.

The Presidency remains deeply concerned by the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza. The continued closure of crossings into and out of Gaza and restrictions on the provision of sufficient electricity and fuel to Gaza will further deteriorate the situation. The Presidency underlines the importance of uninterrupted emergency and humanitarian assistance without obstruction and calls for the continued provision of essential services, including fuel and power supplies.


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Date: 29.02.2008