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EU Presidency Statement on the Ratification of the CTBT by Colombia

The EU Presidency warmly welcomes Colombia’s ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban-Treaty and commends Colombia for this decision, which expresses its full commitment to the goals of the Treaty.

The ratification by Colombia is of utmost importance, because it was one of the remaining ten Annex 2 States that have yet to ratify the Treaty. We believe that Colombia’s ratification will give a strong signal to the remaining nine States which still need to ratify the Treaty for it to enter into force.

As all countries on the European continent have ratified the Treaty, the EU is pleased to note that Colombia made an important step closer for the Latin American and Caribbean region to become a complete CTBT continent as well.

The Colombian ratification also sets a significant example for the countries of the region, encouraging them to ratify, and represents an important stp to strengthen nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.


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Date: 01.02.2008