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EU Presidency Statement on Zimbabwe

The European Union regrets to note that the people of Zimbabwe were unable to express their will at the elections on 27 June; as a result these elections cannot be regarded as legitimate and the power of the elected representatives is questionable.

The Union reiterates that the only legitimate elections are those of 29 March this year, as they were carried out in an acceptable manner and may serve as a basis for arriving at an acceptable solution.

The European Union also welcomes the efforts of its African partners, which could contribute the most to the resolution of the crisis that mostly affects the population of Zimbabwe, but also threatens the balance in both the region and on the entire continent.

The EU will continue to provide assistance to the population of Zimbabwe and reiterates its demand that measures against humanitarian organisations be immediately lifted. The people of Zimbabwe must have unobstructed access to food aid and medical assistance.

The European Union does not exclude the possibility of taking appropriate measures against those responsible for the tragic events of recent months.


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Date: 28.06.2008