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EU Presidency Statement on the events following the presidential elections in Armenia

The Presidency of the EU is concerned about the situation in Armenia, and especially about the use of force of Armenian authorities against the demonstrators. The Presidency is also very troubled by the reports of physical injuries incurred to the demonstrators.

The Presidency is deeply concerned about the curtailment of freedom of movement of the opposition leader and former presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrosian and about the detention of demonstrators. The Presidency calls for their immediate release.

The Presidency calls upon the authorities and the opposition to revert only to the use of peaceful and democratic measures and to reengage in political dialogue immediately in order to restore stability in the country and avoid further use of violence.

In this regard, The Presidency is in contact with the EU Special Representative for the Southern Caucasus Peter Semneby who will continue to work closely with the Armenian authorities and opposition.


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Date: 01.03.2008