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EU Presidency Statement on the Situation in Armenia

The Presidency of the EU is concerned about the situation in Armenia, and calls on the Armenian authorities to lift the State of Emergency. The Presidency is particularly concerned about reports of continuing arrests.

The Presidency welcomes the positive decision of the Armenian authorities to lift two provisions of the declaration of the State of Emergency on the activities of political parties and NGOs, and the announcement that the lifting of the restrictions on the media is being considered.

The Presidency calls again upon the Armenian authorities to release citizens detained in connection with their political activities and to refrain from further arrests of opposition leaders.

The Presidency reiterates its recommendation to conduct an independent investigation of the events of 1 March and what led to them. It welcomes the statement of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia on the events of 1 March and calls upon the Armenian authorities to respond.

The Presidency calls on both the Armenian authorities and opposition leaders to take all necessary steps to reduce tensions, and to refrain from any action that could exacerbate the current situation.

The Presidency reiterates its call to all political parties to engage faithfully in political dialogue based on mutual understanding and trust, which is the only way to arrive at a political solution to the present situation.


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Date: 14.03.2008