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Ljubljana - venue for discussion on open issues regarding Common Frame of Reference on European Contract Law project

Robert Marolt, State Secretary at the Slovenian Ministry of Justice, and Dr Marko Ilešič, Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Communities in Luxembourg, today opened the Conference on the academic Draft Common Frame of Reference at the District Court in Ljubljana, organised by the Academy of European Law (ERA) and the Slovenian EU Council Presidency.

“The Conference offers an insight both into the academic Draft Common Frame of Reference, as well as into the institutions’ positions on the future political Common Frame of Reference. It will be undoubtedly be an excellent opportunity for discussions on outstanding questions and on the future of this project,” emphasised the State Secretary.

The Common Frame of Reference, aimed at increasing the coherence of European contract law and ensuring better legislation, is one of the European contract law priorities specified in the 2004 Hague Programme.

In January 2008, the Research Network, consisting of universities, other institutions and over 150 researchers from all EU Member States, presented the first results of its extensive work in the form of the academic Draft Common Frame of Reference.

At the April meeting of the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council, the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council presented a report dealing with the fundamental aspects of the Common Frame of Reference. The report, although it does not prejudice the Council’s future work or the discussions that will follow, contains important guidelines on four fundamental aspects of the Common Frame of Reference with respect to its purpose, contents, scope and legal effect.

At today’s conference, professionals, researchers and experts from the Member States will discuss key issues relating to the academic Draft Common Frame of Reference, including the scope of application of the Common Frame of Reference, non-contractual liabilities and individual contracts.


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Date: 28.04.2008