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Slovenian Presidency welcomes ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by France

The Slovenian Presidency welcomes the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by France. France is thus the fifth state to ratify this important instrument, which will enhance democracy and the effectiveness of the EU’s functioning, as well as strengthen its cohesion. At the same time, the Treaty will enable the European Union to become much more effective externally.

The Treaty, signed on 13 December 2007, will enter into force as soon as it is ratified by all 27 Member States. Therefore, each ratification is a significant step towards the final objective – entry into force of the Treaty within the period provided for in the Berlin Declaration. This step is particularly important in the case of France, where ratification of the previous "constitutional" treaty fell through.

The Lisbon Treaty represents significant progress in the Union’s functioning, making it more effective, transparent and democratic. With modernised institutions, the EU will enable the Member States to face the challenges of the modern day together and effectively. The Lisbon Treaty is without a doubt a treaty for the 21st century and as such merits general support.

Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty is the EU’s first priority in 2008, as the Union should be given the chance to implement the set objectives. To this end, the Presidency is closely following the ratification procedures in the Member States and is pleased to note that the procedures are underway and that the Treaty enjoys support. The Presidency expects that most of the Member States will have ratified the Treaty by the end of the Slovenian presidency.

For more information on the Treaty of Lisbon, the ratification procedures in the Member States and the benefits envisaged in the Treaty for the citizens of the European Union, please see Europe – Treaty of Lisbon external link


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Date: 11.02.2008