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The EU Defence Ministers discussed European Security and Defence Policy missions

At today’s session of the informal meeting, the EU Defence Ministers discussed European Security and Defence Policy missions. The discussion focused mainly on the Althea mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina; the Ministers agreed that it should be continued. Starting from a realistic assessment of the security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider region, with particular reference to Kosovo, progress needs to be evaluated so as to provide a basis for making a decision on whether to continue or abandon the mission.

In the discussion, the Ministers noted that successful preparations had enabled the start of the EULEX mission, ensuring security and stability in Kosovo. In view of security conditions, in addition to the task of that mission, constructive cooperation with NATO/KFOR, the UN, the OSCE and also the local authorities will be of vital importance, albeit with clearly defined competencies and coordination.

As regards Africa, the Ministers emphasised that the destabilisation of countries and humanitarian crises in some parts of Africa justify the concern of the international community. The EU regards assistance in solving the problems arising as a priority. The discussion focused mainly on the EU’s new military bridging mission in Chad and the Central African Republic – EUFOR Chad/CAR. Due credit goes to the EU Member States for mustering military forces and capacity. Further efforts will be necessary to provide forces for the successful continuation of the mission. In particular, the Ministers expressed concern regarding the living conditions of children and women.

The Ministers also discussed the missions in Sudan, Guinea-Bissau and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We assess that today’s session has been successful; tomorrow’s session will be devoted to EU military capacity and cooperation with strategic partners.


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Date: 22.02.2008