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Slovenia on the Re-Examination of Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy

Minister Iztok Jarc, Chairman of the EU Council, presented the work programme in the area of agriculture to the European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development.  The minister pointed to the discussion on re-examination of the reform of the 2003 Common Agricultural Policy as the main task of the Presidency.   “It is our aim to adopt clear-cut decisions as soon as possible so that the Commission may take them into account in preparing legislative proposals,” said Mr Jarc.

“In accordance with the 2003 reform, now is the time to review and evaluate the results, and adopt decisions on how to better adapt the revised CAP to the new economic, social and environmental conditions, needs and challenges before us,” said Mr Jarc.

The Slovenian Presidency will encourage an in-depth and thorough debate within the Council at the technical and political level.   Solutions proposed concerning simplification of the direct payments scheme, changes to market mechanisms and adjustment of agriculture to new challenges must provide stability and predictability for European farmers. It is of particular importance that the expectations of the general public be met and that the European agricultural model be preserved. Its multifunctional role enables the development of agriculture and cultivation of land in all EU areas and preserves small and large-sized agricultural holdings and enterprises.

The discussion is limited to adjustments of the agricultural policy in the period until 2013; nevertheless, the conclusions of the CAP review must also refer to development after 2013.   

The Commission is expected to present legislative proposals to the ministers at the informal meeting held in Slovenia in May. 

The Slovenian Presidency will pursue implementation of a political agreement on reform of the Common Organisation of the Market in Wine, and it will also make every effort to reach agreement on the proposal to include provisions for a one-year extension of the applicable Market Organisation for Flax and Hemp into the single Common Market Organisation and to reach agreement on extending the financing of the Community Tobacco Fund. The Presidency will also seek to achieve consensus on the revised support scheme in the cotton sector.

The Slovenian Presidency will aim to reach a compromise to increase national quotas for milk and dairy products for the next marketing year.

In accordance with efforts to simplify and streamline EU legislation, the Slovenian Presidency has already simplified cross-compliance rules. Likewise, the Presidency will endeavour to adopt the proposal to carry out the technical task of incorporating the rules on reformed CMOs in the fruit and vegetable sector, the sugar sector and the dairy sectors into a Single CMO Regulation. The same applies to provisions on beef and veal labelling, and on Finnish seed aid. This will further contribute to greater legislative transparency and certainty.


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Date: 29.01.2008