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European Crime Prevention network for a safer European Union

The two-day meeting of EUCPN during Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council was held in Ljubljana yesterday and today, chaired by Tomaž Peršolja, Head of Criminal Associations Section of Criminal Police Directorate at General Police Directorate.

"We have to make every effort to unify crime prevention activities in Member States. By doing so, we will enhance the safety of EU residents and, consequently, their satisfaction. Establishing partnerships in the creation and implementation of crime prevention projects will have a positive effect on the formation of common European standards of crime prevention," said the meeting chair Tomaž Peršolja.

The European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) was established on 28 May 2001 by Council decision. Its aim is to promote preventive activities in Member States, find the best ways for good practices to be presented to a broad professional and lay audience, especially as regards the prevention of "traditional" crime.

In cooperation with representatives of the Commission and Secretariat of the EU Council, the Member States' representatives endeavour to identify ways of effective cooperation between various organisations active in crime prevention and establish common bases and standards of crime prevention in the EU and beyond. This meeting was devoted to forming positions, approaches and ways of future cooperation. Representatives of other organisations active in this area presented their activities. A major part of the meeting was devoted to the evaluation and final conclusions of several-month-long research by the network's committees and thus to the development of uniform standards for future activities in the field of crime prevention.

EUCPN consists of representatives of all Member States, who coordinate their positions and initiatives at committee meetings, which are held at least once every six months. There are three committees to ensure efficient functioning of the EUCPN:

  • steering committee, consisting of representatives of the Member State currently holding the Presidency, the Member State of the previous presidency and two next Presidency Members States
  • programme committee, which examines and coordinates programmes that are important for the development of preventive policy at individual areas of crime prevention
  • research and validation committee, which carries out surveys and evaluates projects in particular areas and determines their applicability.

EUCPN presents its activities on the website and by submitting annual reports and action plans to the Council working groups.

The Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council is striving to increase activities of all Member States to take more effective action against crime and thus contribute to greater safety of citizens of the European Union.


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Date: 04.06.2008