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Gymnich: Ministers discussed the situation in Tibet

The 27 ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU at the Informal meeting (Gymnich) at Brdo have together with the European Commission discussed the situation in Tibet.

They reiterated their strong concern over the events in the autonomous Chinese region of Tibet. The EU condemns all violence and pays its respects to the victims.

It calls for an end to the violence and asks that arrested persons be treated in conformity with international standards.

It wishes to uphold the transparency of information and hence free access by the press to Tibet.

The EU notes the Dalai Lama’s recent public commitment to non-violence and to the autonomy not independence of Tibet. It calls for substantive and constructive dialogue which addresses core issues like preservation of the Tibetan language, culture, religion and traditions.

The European Union will continue to pay close attention to the human rights situation in China.


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Date: 29.03.2008