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Meeting of the European Police Chiefs Task Force – announcement

Jože Romšek, Director General of the Police, together with Aleksander Jevšek, Head of the Criminal Police Directorate, and Rajko Kozmelj, Assistant Head of the Criminal Police Directorate, will chair a two-day meeting of the European Police Chiefs Task Force (EPCTF) in the Hague on Wednesday, 21 May 2008.

The EPCTF is a forum consisting of the highest representatives of police organisations from the EU Member States. The task force meetings are attended by police chiefs as heads of delegations and therefore the task force represents the highest level of decision-making, where strategic decisions on the future of police forces in the Member States are taken. The EPCTF discusses challenges and difficulties facing the police in the EU and attempts to find adequate solutions. The composition of the task force is a guarantee that the decisions adopted will be put into practice without reservations.

The meeting participants will discuss implementation issues, i.e. issues that affect the operation of police organisations of the EU Member States, including COSPOL projects, Organised Crime Threat Assessment for 2008 (OCTA 2008), the implementation of Council Conclusions based on OCTA 2007, and operational support provided by Europol to the Member States.


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Date: 16.05.2008