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Conclusions of IMPEL Network Meeting

The IMPEL Network Meeting at Brdo was carried out in two sessions: the plenary session of the IMPEL Network as an informal organisation, and the general assembly of the IMPEL organisation. Reports on the projects completed in 2007 in the area of cross-border shipment of waste, industrial accidents and fines for infringing environmental protection in EU Member States were confirmed unanimously, as were the two proposals for new projects in 2008, also involving the European Commission. The reports will be publicly available on the organisation’s website.

With the establishment of IMPEL as a legal organisation, the general assembly became the main executive body, which elected the first management board with the president and his deputy at its first session at Brdo. These were: Gerard Walters (WROM, NL) and Terry Shears (EPA, UK). The general assembly has a 10-member management board with a two-year mandate. Presently, the new organisation has 30 members, among them the Inspectorate of the RS for the Environment and Spatial Planning. The assembly adopted internal rules of operation and organisation for the new association and the proposed financial plan for 2009. Other important agreements were reached on the organisation’s future cooperation with the EC and on the amount of the annual membership fee and members’ donations. On the last day of the session, the assembly confirmed all the proposals for new projects in the appointed period. Among these was the project of cooperation by supervisory authorities in the supervision of cross-border shipment of waste to Africa and Asia.

More information on the IMPEL Network activities to date and final reports on particular projects are available at:


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Date: 23.06.2008