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OSCE - EU statement on the 10th Anniversary of the Mandate of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media

Statement only distributed in written form

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the institution of the Representative on Freedom of the Media, the European Union salutes the achievements of the Institution and the two distinguished figures who have held the office and underlines their important contribution to the promotion of freedom of expression and free media in the OSCE area. We reiterate our conviction that the freedom and independence of the media is a cornerstone of a democratic society and a vital component in the protection of all other freedoms and liberties. The relevant provisions of the Helsinki Final Act and the Copenhagen Document are more than ever pertinent to the participating states.

Constant observation is essential in order to safeguard media freedom and to ensure the respect of relevant OSCE commitments. The importance which the EU attaches to the work of the Representative on Freedom of the Media and his office is well known. The impartial exercise of his functions throughout the OSCE area lends credibility to his recommendations. We welcome his attention to media freedom issues also within our own countries.

The EU is conscious of newly emerging challenges in the domain of preserving pluralism and media freedom including the difficulties posed by heightened security concerns. We shall work with the Representative to address these issues in an OSCE context.

The EU urges all participating States to continue to assist the Representative on Freedom of the Media to monitor compliance with relevant commitments, including by considering favourably the acceptance of visits by the Representative, and by replying in an expeditious, substantive and constructive manner to his early warning interventions and to his recommendations. We also urge all participating States to take necessary measures to protect the fundamental right of journalists to pursue their professional calling free from the threat or the use of violence.

The EU calls upon all participating States to create an environment where the media can work freely, effectively and without fear, in line with their international obligations and commitments and under consideration of the new challenges posed inter alia by modern technology. We stand ready to assist all participating States to develop the necessary conditions for this.


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Date: 30.05.2008