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Coordination of Fiscal Policies

external linkMember states have set minimal standards in fiscal policy. Coordination of fiscal policies is complicated, as countries have different interests, and negotiations are lengthy, as there has to be a unanimous decision. The purpose of the tax reform is to simplify the framework of European tax legislation and strengthen cooperation between the tax administrations of all member states.

Within the framework of the 18-month Presidency programme of the German, Portuguese and Slovenian Presidencies external link, the Slovenian Presidency will focus primarily on the following issues:

  • Promoting the modernisation and simplification of the legislative framework in specific areas of value added tax
  • Modernising the legislative framework on control of production, holding and movement of excise goods

  • Continue efforts to step up the fight against tax fraud in the European Union

  • Coordination of tax policies in the area of direct taxation

  • Advancing work on taxation in order to increase transparency and simplicity, and reduce administrative and compliance costs, thus improving the business environment in the internal market and the competitiveness of the European economy as a whole, without putting tax revenues at risk


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Date: 09.01.2008