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moreThe European Union is not only an internal market, but also an area of freedom, security and justice. Therefore, European citizens expect the EU to take decisive action to protect their interests within its borders.

During Slovenia's Presidency we will do everything in the area of justice policy to fulfill these expectations. The main focus will be on the acts that we consider to be of direct benefit for the citizens of the EU, because we believe that the European Union should make their life easier and further develop the area of freedom, security and justice. The Slovenian presidency as the last member of the trio, closely cooperating with the partners Germany and Portugal, will ensure the development of the European policies including in the field of the judiciary. At the same time we want to draw further attention to the dossiers that will be given priority.

Creating a uniform area of freedom, security and justice and elimination of borders between the EU Member States require closer cooperation between the judicial bodies in criminal matters. Slovenia will try to supplement and improve the existing instruments of mutual cooperation by its proposal relating to judgments. We will also continue to work on the acts enabling reintegration of individuals into the society.

With regard to the initiatives of judicial cooperation in civil matters, we will focus on the progress of family law, particularly in terms of providing independence and legal predictability for spouses in matrimonial and maintenance matters.

Slovenia’s Presidency will also seek to improve and simplify cooperation between the Member States’ judicial bodies in civil and economic matters; therefore it will accelerate the work on the e-judiciary and in enhancing the criminal and civil network for cooperation in these areas.

These are the , which at the same time represent the framework of the common work until the middle of 2008, when the joint German-Portugal-Slovenian Presidency will be concluded.

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Date: 28.12.2007