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The Taste of Friendliness

Lovrenc lakes Lent Festival in Maribor Forrest in fall 'Kurent' Ptuj Golf Ptuj Lobnica

Enjoy a different experience

It's waiting for you on the oldest slopes in Slovenia,

it's hiding in the peat moors and their small lakes,

it reveals itself with hospitality.

Cheerful Pohorje , something special in Slovenia's mountain world. Maribor , the city with the oldest grapevine in the world. Ptuj , a town with a unique ethnological tradition. Rogla and Kope, relaxation in nature.

The gently rounded ridges of Slovenia's oldest mountain chain attract visitors with their mighty forests, forest reserves, gigantic trees, and extensive mountain meadows that turn into ski slopes in the winter. Ribnica Lake, Črno Lake, and Lovrenc Lake with dwarf pine shrubbery are reminiscent of tundra; and not far away, Pohorje meets the lively city of Maribor , home of the oldest grapevine in the world and the intersection of all the region's wine routes. In the summer, the city hosts the popular Lent Festival, and in the winter it becomes a World Cup ski area. Not far from Maribor is Ptuj , one of Slovenia's oldest cities and a site of some of the most remarkable events, such as Kurentovanje Carnival. On the southern edge of cheerful Pohorje, Slovenske Konjice invite visitors to the nearby winegrowing hills, to the oldest traditional inn in Slovenia, to the Zreče Thermal Spa , and to Rogla ski resort offering exercise opportunities all year round.

The mountain tourist centre of Kope is located in the highest parts of Pohorje, from where breathtaking views open up to the Mislinja and Mežica Valleys to the west. The Valleys are known for their mines and myths about the sleeping King Matjaž.

Enjoy yourself in every season

In the spring, life awakens with the taste of new experiences.

In the summer, it invites with forest fruits.

In the fall, with nearby wine treasures.

In the winter, it knows all the flavours of snow.

Ski slopes on Maribor Pohorje , Rogla , and Kope. Thermal spas in Zreče , Maribor and Ptuj . Adrenaline thrills. Wine routes and wine cellars in nearby hills, towns and cities. Countless hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and other trails.

The snowy Pohorje meadows are a place where everyone can enjoy, from the youngest sledders and skiing beginners under the guidance of experienced instructors to proficient recreational skiers and experts. Maribor's Snow Stadium has been hosting FIS World Cup competitions for decades. Pohorje's excellent sporting facilities attract athletes and sports enthusiasts throughout the yer. The adrenaline park with its giant swing, high beam, individual and team challenges, free-climbing walls, downhill mountain bike races, and paintball tournaments sends the blood rushing through the veins. World class wellness centres, culinary delights on tourist farms, and wine-tasting nearby wine cellars relax the body, while trips from one natural or cultural site to another pleasantly stimulate the imagination. Pohorje can also be explored by bicycle, and underground cycling through an abandoned lead mine in nearby Mežica in Koroška is definitely a unique experience.

Savour the difference

Spend a day on the Drava River, where Koroška raftsmen take you down the river and show you around the picturesque and mysterious Koroška lying to the north of Pohorje. Try the golf course in Ptuj, with the view of the ancient Ptuj Castle , and stand to admire Slovenske Konjice, where the undulating fairways wind through the shelter of vineyards. Breathe fresher air on the Drava Bicycle Trail, and take a stroll through the King Matjaž Park in Črna na Koroškem.




Maribor Lovrenc Lakes Maribor The oldest grapevine in the world Ptuj Alpine ski world cup Zlata lisica in Maribor Ptuj castle Slovenske Konjice Slovenske Konjice

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Date: 28.12.2007