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Soča river Velika planina plateau Lipizzaner Castle Predjama Wheat field Bohinj Winter ascent on Krn Daffodils on Golica

Emerald Route external link

From the source of the Soča River to innumerable green treasures

Experience the unspoiled nature of northwestrn Slovenia in the refreshing pools and rapids of our mountain beauty Soča River.

Feel the softness of Idrija's bobbin lace external link and the snowy whiteness of aragonite in the Ravenska Cave.

Enchance the taste of alpine freshness in the Krn mountain chain with a glass of Vipava's Pinela wine and rock your children to sleep with fairy tales about the trolls in the Antonij's Mine Shaft.

Relive the sounds of the Soča (Isonzo) Front at the authentic scene of Hemingway's Farewell to Arms.

And wish a happy descent to a rafter on the wild river.


Amber Route external link

On the trail of our ancestors

This is the route of entrepreneurial people. Learn more about the powerful Counts of Celje and get to know the rafters of Koroška, who will invite you on an adventurous trip from Dravograd to Vuzenica.

Alpine farmers of the Logarska Valley external link will serve you typical mountain dishes, and old charcoal-makers will show you how to build an authentic charcoal pile.

Gardeners from the Mozirski gaj Botanical Gardens external link and the Volčji potok Arboretum external link will escort you through hectares of roses and tulips, and Maribor's winemakers will invite you to a grape harvest on a winegrowers' holiday.

The residents of Mežica will take you on a genuine mine train into the underground world below Mount Peca external link, and the villagers of Vače will show you the geometric centre of Slovenia.


Peddler Route external link

From all corners of the world to the white birches

Take your time on the green route of ancient peddlers, enjoy the sights from Višnja gora with its chained snail and Muljava with its open-air theatre, and visit the source of the Krka River, Dolenjska's beauty.

The freshness of its flow over rapids and natural dams will accompany you past the imposing Žužemberk Castle and Soteska Castle to the picturesque town of Novo mesto external link.

The peddlers, whose spirit still lingers on this route, will guide your hand decorating Easter eggs in Adlešiči or making toothpicks in a Ribnica wooden-ware workshop.

After you cross the myth-filled Gorjanci mountain range, a land of white birches, swaying ferns and sinkholes opens before you. And here flows the second river on this route, the Kolpa, which is as warm as Bela krajina's legendary hospitality.


Wind Route external link

To the mysterious Karst and the Adriatic Sea

When the bora wind blows right through you windsurfing in Portorož external link, it is time to dress warmly and sprawl comfortably on the underground train of Postojna Cave external link.

Let graphic artist Lojze Spacal address your artistic touch at the gallery in Štanjel external link, and the mastery of architect Jože Plečnik external link accompany you on your way through Ljubljana.

Once you experience the sunset from the back of Slovenia's white Lipizzaner horse external link, you will begin to believe in supernatural forces. You will find them above Cerknica Lake on Mount Slivnica, the home of witches.

Hide from the witches in Predjama Castle external link which is carved info a cliff or ward them off with a glass of noble Malvasia wine at an "osmica" along the wine route. Then head back to the coast, perhaps to one of the little cafés on Piran's Tartini Square.


Sun Route external link

Through the warm region of wine and healing waters

A route with so many good things that you will be hard pressed to choose the best one.

After visiting the Island of Love on the Mura River near Beltinci, soothe the burning heart with a herbal tea from the ancient pharmacy at the Olimje Monastery.

Admire the strongest of Ptuj's Kurenti, and pick out Rotunda Church, the smallest but the most memorable of them all.

Discover your favourite hot pool among the many thermal spas and health resorts in Lendava external link, Banovci external link, Moravci external link, Radenci external link, Ptuj external link, Podčetrtek external link et Čatež external link. We suggest you try them all first.

Choose your favourite from the countless wines in the Brežice Wine Cellar. Here, however, we do not suggest you try them all.


Goldenhorn Route external link

With a view of Alps and lakes

Certainly the most impressive route, full of contrasting panoramas of sharp peaks and rolling hills, untamed gorges and tranquil lakes.

You can quickly leave the medieval squares of Škofja Loka external link for the high mountain terraces of Zali log, and from the cosmopolitan Bled external link the route leads you to the quiet Lake Bohinj external link. Continue from wooded Pokljuka Plateau to the imposing cliffs of the Triglav National Park external link.

Fossil experts admire the Geological Transversal through the Dovžan Gorge, those knowledgeable in history by the Rupnik Line, and the majority of Sunday day-trippers by the hiking trail on Mount Golica external link, the Queen of Daffodils. But all of them agree that nothing beats the Blead Cream Cake.



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Date: 12.01.2008