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Carpe Diem

Good morning. So pleasant!

Good afternoon. So playful!

Good evening. So lively!

Good night. So rejuvenated.

So relaxed.

Thermal springs bubble,

Healing waters invigorate,

Massages relax,

Beauty programmes revitalise,

Food delights,

Knowledge heals,

Exercise revives joy;

Life is a pleasure.


“I feel fantastic! I was in Slovenia. It has a wonderful climate and such healing waters, not to mention hands that perform miracles!”

Where to go in Slovenia? To feel better and healthier, you can go almost anywhere. Fifteen thermal health spas with certified status as natural health resorts comprise some of the most important and most well-known attractions of Slovenia. They boast a range of indoor and outdoor pools and a wide variety of massages, beauty treatments, and recreation-relaxation programmes. Natural healing elements such as mineral drinking water, thermal and mineral water for bathing, seawater, soothing mud and peat wraps, aerosol therapies, fresh air and mild climate are complemented by first-class services. In addition, there are massages, relaxation therapies, and a variety programmes for beauty, slimming, and well-being along with courses for a healthier lifestyle. Choose from various types of accommodations - from five-star hotels to apartments and private rooms, and picturesque campgrounds.


"I’ve always wanted to experience the way they do things in the Far East. Well, I didn’t have to go so far: Slovenia is closer!"

Bathing in spring waters with various natural healing effects has been popular in Slovenia for centuries. The Romans enjoyed it and many notable historic European figures were enthusiastic about Slovenia’s spas as well. Along with thermal baths, Turkish, Finnish, and other saunas have long been popular, as have whirlpool baths, sunbeds, and mud, herbal and other baths. Along with every type of classic manual massage, Slovenia’s spas also offer their visitors the opportunity to experience ancient wisdoms of the East through shiatsu, reiki, ayurveda, watsu, tui-na, scen-tao, and wai-thai massage techniques and to learn about traditional treatments of distant peoples. Aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, colour therapy, fango wraps, herbal wraps, and a variety of other beneficial treatments guarantee an excellent feeling of well-being.


"Every day is something special. A little recreation, lots of relaxation, interesting walks, cultural events... Every day you realise how full a life you can live."

Thermal spas and health resorts in Slovenia are excellent starting points for learning more about all the beauties of the country. They are located next to wine routes , scenic tourist routes , and well-maintained hiking and cycling trails , natural and cultural sites , and often also golf courses , equestrian centres , and ski slopes . Spas generally include fitness centres, tennis courts, indoor tennis and squash courts, courts for various ball sports, trim trails, boules pitches, bowling alleys, children’s playgrounds, etc… Entertainment and cultural events on the highest level are a regular feature in Slovenia’s spas.


Begin your journey to well-being.

Find your favourite Slovenian spa or select a wellness centre on the website of the Association of Slovenian Natural Health Resorts , where you can watch video presentations of individual spas:


Olimia Thermal Spa

Olimia Thermal Spa massage Rogaška Health Resort Sauna in Laško Health Spa Roman baths in Čatež Thermal spa massage Čatež Thermal Spa

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Date: 28.12.2007